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Ranma ½ Live-Action Drama Trailer

November 26, 2011

We have seen the promotional poster and cast photos for the upcoming Ranma ½ 2 hour live-action drama starring Aragaki [...]

Ranma ½ Live-Action Drama Poster Illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi

November 16, 2011

A special promotional poster was unveiled for the upcoming Ranma ½ Live-Action Drama. The top part features the various live-action cast [...]

Ranma ½ Live-Action Drama Cast Photos Unveiled

October 21, 2011

Last month ,we heard news about the Ranma ½ being adapted into a 2 hour live-action drama starring Aragaki Yui, [...]

Ranma ½ Adapted Into 2-Hour Live-Action Drama Starring Aragaki Yui

September 28, 2011

Ranma ½ is an interesting anime/manga series created by Rumiko Takahashi, and I still remember watching the hilarious scenes of Ranma [...]

Yui Aragaki Kawaii Pyjamas Dance

February 17, 2010

Our favorite Yui Aragaki Gakky is seen here wearing a cute yellow-striped pyjamas at the PR event promoting her latest [...]

Oricon: Japanese Celebrities & Valentine Chocolate

February 8, 2010

As Valentine draws near this weekend, are you hoping to receive/give your loved ones some sweet tasty chocolates? Oricon conducted [...]