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FLOW Sings New Theme Song for “Eureka Seven AO”

June 24, 2012

It has been announced that Japanese rock bank FLOW will be singing the new opening theme song for the ongoing [...]

Hanazawa Kana “Hatsukoi no Oto” Short PV Unveiled

June 23, 2012

Popular seiyuu Hanazawa Kana (花澤香菜) is releasing her 2nd single “Hatsukoi no Oto 初恋ノオト” on 18 Jul 2012, and the short [...]

Seiyuu Hanazawa Kana 2nd Single Cover Unveiled

June 22, 2012

Hanazawa Kana will be releasing her second solo single “Hatsukoi no Oto 初恋ノオト” on 18 Jul 2012, and her official website [...]

ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION Sings Theme Song for upcoming NARUTO Movie

June 21, 2012

ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION will be releasing their new single “Sora Dewa, Mata Ashita (それでは、また明日)” on 25 Jul 2012, and their [...]

Seiyuu Horie Yui to Release First Best of Album

June 18, 2012

Popular seiyuu Horie Yui (堀江 由衣) will be celebrating her upcoming birthday on 20 Sep 2012 by releasing her first [...]

SCANDAL “Taiyou Scandalous” PV

June 13, 2012

SCANDAL is scheduled to release their 13th single “Taiyo Scandalous (太陽スキャンダラス)” on 11 Jul 2012. Now the music video has been [...]

Mizuki Nana Sets New Record As Seiyuu With Most Top 10 Singles

June 12, 2012

Seiyuu Mizuki Nana just released her 27th single “Time Space EP” on 6 Jun 2012, and it was ranked third [...]

AKB48 Ships 2 Million Copies of “Manatsu no Sounds Good!” on First Day

May 23, 2012

AKB48 is definitely the buzz word for the Japanese music industry having sold so many millions of singles. Today, they released [...]

Seiyuu Horie Yui Releasing New Single on 25 Jul 2012

May 20, 2012

It has been announced that seiyuu Horie Yui (堀江 由衣) will be releasing her new single titled “Natsu no Yakusoku (夏の約束)” [...]

Sakamoto Maaya to Release 21th Single “More than Words”

May 9, 2012

Popular singer and seiyuu Sakamoto Maaya (坂本 真綾) has announced that she would be releasing her 21th single “More than [...]

Toyosaki Aki “Shirotsumekusa” PV

May 5, 2012

Seiyuu Toyosaki Aki (豊崎 愛生) will be releasing her sixth solo single “Shirotsumekusa (シロツメクサ)” (White Clover) on 23 May 2012. [...]

SCANDAL to Release 13th Single “Taiyou Scandalous”

May 2, 2012

Japanese female band SCANDAL will be releasing their 13th single “Taiyou Scandalous (太陽スキャンダラス)” on the 11 Jul 2012, and this [...]