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Today’s Japan Photo: Cho-Han Bakuchi 丁半博打

March 12, 2010

For the past few days, I have been rumbling on an on about Yakuza 3 and Yakuza 4, so for [...]

Police Discover 265 Pantsu In Man’s Truck

March 11, 2010

I never get bored of all these news about Japanese pantsu thieves. Here’s another hilarious news story about this truck [...]

Today’s Japan Photo: Menko めんこ

March 11, 2010

For Today’s Japan Photo series, we shall take a look at one of Japan’s traditional card game – Menko めんこ [...]

Miss Universe Japan 2010: Maiko Itai 板井麻衣子

March 10, 2010

Yesterday, the gorgeous 25-year-old Maiko Itai 板井麻衣子 was crowned Miss Universe Japan 2010 at Tokyo’s Shinagawa Prince Hotel. She will [...]

Today’s Japan Photo: Otedama 御手玉

March 10, 2010

For Today’s Japan Photo series, we shall continue explore Japan’s traditional games. I think this is a game that is [...]

Japan’s Train Station To Prohibit Walking on Escalators

March 10, 2010

In some countries, its customary to stand on one side of the escalator and let others who are in a [...]

Today’s Japan Photo: Hanetsuki 羽根突き

March 9, 2010

For this week’s Today’s Japan Photo series, I’ve decided to feature some of Japan’s traditional games. For today, we shall [...]

Today’s Japan Photo: Hanafuda 花札

March 8, 2010

On Saturday evening, I went out to catch the awesome anime move Summer Wars, and I’m so inspired by the [...]

New Gatsby CM Featuring Kimura Takuya & Kawaii Puppy

March 7, 2010

Here’s a new Gatsby commercial that features a new kawaii puppet puppy together with Kimura Takuya. I love the initial [...]

Today’s Japan Photo: Red Bean Rice 赤飯

March 7, 2010

While out shopping last week, I chance upon some interesting rice that was colored in red. I went home and [...]

Today’s Japan Photo: Sanja Festival 三社祭

March 6, 2010

Couldn’t think of what to share for Today’s Japan photo, so I was randomly browsing flickr and came across this [...]

Man Arrested After Police Viewed His Speeding Youtube Vids

March 5, 2010

Losta people enjoy putting up videos of themselves doing stuff onto youtube. But this is the first time a man [...]