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Sony Sells 320,000 PS4 on Japan Launch Weekend

February 25, 2014

Despite the fact that Japanese gamers had a much later release date for the PS4, Sony Japan still saw a [...]

TGS2013: PS4 Launching in Singapore and Selected SEA Regions in Dec 2013

September 18, 2013

At today’s Tokyo Game Show press conference, Sony confirmed that they would be launching the PlayStation 4 in selected South-East Asian [...]

PS4 to Launch in Japan on 22 Feb 2014

September 9, 2013

Its rare that that Japanese folks get their consoles or games later that the international folks, but Sony has announced [...]

Nintendo Announces New 2DS Handheld

August 29, 2013

The folks at Nintendo want to sell more consoles and they have announced a new budget version – the Nintendo [...]

PS4 Launches on 15 Nov in North America & 29 Nov in Europe

August 21, 2013

At Gamescom, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc has announced that the PlayStation 4 will be launched on 15 Nov 2013 in North [...]

Quick Overview of Sony PS4 Unveiled at E3

June 11, 2013

Sony announced their next-gen console the PlayStation 4 at the ongoing E3 gaming conference and they totally stole the limelight [...]

Microsoft Unveils Xbox One

May 22, 2013

Microsoft has unveiled their next generation console – Xbox One. The name “One” stems from the vision to integrate everything [...]

Rumors: PS4 To Be Announced At E3 2012?

February 13, 2012

Nintendo and Microsoft are due to announce their upcoming next-gen consoles and rumors have been flying that Sony is due to follow [...]

Thousands Queue Up in Akihabara to Preorder PS Vita

October 15, 2011

Sony’s PS Vita is set to launch on 17 Dec 2011 in Japan and retailers are starting to take orders [...]

E3 2011: Nintendo Launches Wii U Console

June 8, 2011

Its finally about time Nintendo bring in HD support for their games. At E3 2011, Nintendo has finally announced the [...]

Nintendo Confirms Wii Successor

April 26, 2011

Nintendo has official confirmed the Nintendo Wii’s successor. While the new console still doesn’t have a name, it will be officially [...]

Gamers Heart Japan

April 16, 2011

Many respected individuals involved  in the western videogame community are featured in this 1 hour long youtube video, sharing their [...]