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Today’s Japan Photo: An Extra Second for Earth

July 2, 2012

For Today’s Japan Photo, we take a look at this family standing outside Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications [...]

Bisei-Tokei: Seiyuu Telling Time on Your iPhone

September 25, 2011

Bisei-Tokei is an iPhone App that is similar to Bijin Tokei [美人時計] and Circuit Tokei [サーキット時計], expect that it features seiyuus (voice actresses) [...]

Yakuza Of the End’s Hostesses Keeps You Punctual

February 26, 2011

During the earlier release of Yakuza 4 [龍が如く4], Sega collaborated with iPhone Application Bijin Tokei [美人時計] to feature their in-game hostesses (Shizuka Saitoh, Noa [...]

Bijin Tenki 美人天気

January 17, 2011

After one year of hiatus, the folks behind Bijin Tokei [美人時計] and Circuit Tokei [サーキット時計] are back with a new [...]

Yakuza 4 Hostesses Tells You The Time

March 12, 2010

I had previously featured the iPhone Application Bijin Tokei [美人時計], and now the company is having a promotional tie-up with [...]