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Imagining Camera Lenses As 2D Moe Girls

September 5, 2012

Many otaku including myself love photography and there are some that appreciate a good camera lens. This illustration book “Camera Lens Shoujo [...]

Reviewing My IXUS Compact

February 13, 2012

Are you in the market for a new digital camera? Looking for one that might not only give you the [...]

Japanese Band Creates Stunning Music Video With 250 Canon DSLRs and Flash Units

July 30, 2011

Japanese band androp has probably came up with one of the most creative uses for camera flash units, where they [...]

Photo Kano: Love Sim for the Photo Enthusiast Otaku

May 3, 2011

Photo Kano (フォトカノ), literally Photo Girlfriend, is an upcoming love simulation game by Kadokawa for the PSP console. The game [...]

Joining IXUS Experience Style Council

April 18, 2011

Photography is my passion and its my pleasure to be working with Canon as Style Council member for their NEW [...]

Man Secretly Filmed Over 1,000 Women with Hidden Cameras

January 6, 2011

Policed raided the home of a 45-year-old man who was arrested on for secretly taking indecent videos of two shop [...]

Giant Haruka Ayase Balloon Invades Shinjuku

September 25, 2010

Still remember the kawaii Panasonic LUMIX FX700 commercial featuring Haruka Ayase kissing the screen? A promotional event was held in Shinjuku [...]

Haruka Ayase Kisses The Screen

August 21, 2010

If you liked the earlier post about Nozomi Sasaki wearing a sexy leather outfit to promote Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D, [...]

Lumix LX5 Specifications Unveiled On Tech Support Page

July 18, 2010

Panasonic Lumix LX3 was one of my most favorite compact camera and two years after its release, Panasonic is ready [...]

FUJIFILM FinePix CM Featuring Nozomi Sasaki

February 23, 2010

My favorite idol Nozomi Sasaki (佐々木 希) promotes the new FUJIFILM camera with a lovely touch screen in this commercial [...]