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About Me

Alafista.com was created back in May 2007 with the aim to connect everyone from all over the world to Japan and its awesomely cool popular culture.

The site cover a wide range of daily updates on popular anime/manga series, event coverage, latest figurine and character goods releases, figurine photography, weekly gravure features of beautiful idols. The site also let readers gain a deeper cultural insight into Japan through its “Today’s Japan Photo” feature and interesting tibits of Japanese commercials.

About the Editor

The site is managed and produced by Alvin, otherwise known by his handle as alafista.

Alvin currently works as an Organisational Excellence Activist in the public service, and double-hats using his spare time as an editor. He graduated from the National University of Singapore with a B.A. (Hons) in Social Science (Psychology). He draws inspiration from other accomplished content producers such as Culture Japan’s DannyChoo, Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft, and Wired’s Chris Anderson.

Five years ago, Alvin started alafista.com – a news portal dedicated to connecting fans with Cool Japan. The site has been long-term affiliate of Animax Asia and Anime Festival Asia to help promote the local anime/otaku scene. Now the site attracts more than 200,000 readers and two-times finalist as the “Best Lifestyle Blog” in the SG Blog Awards. Recently, he was also invited to become the editor for the new AFA Channel – the official portal for Anime Festival Asia (the largest local and south-east asia JPOP event).

Apart from sharing with readers about the coolest things in Japan, Alvin spends most of this free time taking photographs on his DSLR.

Apart from capturing events for his site, Alvin is a seasoned concert photographer. He is one of the resident concert photographer for the AKB48 Singapore Stage performances, and has accumulated many experiences in capturing concert performances by  popular Japanese artistes, including May’n, FLOW, Kokoto, Kalafina, Maon Kurosak, Aimi, Sea☆A and ONE OK ROCK).

In addition, Alvin is an accomplished figurine photographer and created two original figurine photography series – Nendo’s Travelogue [ねんどろいどの旅日記] and A Nendoroid Story [ねんどろいど物語], and had been invited by Canon to conduct figurine photography workshop at the Anime Festival Asia in 2010 & 2011.

Alvin’s goal is to become an academic of Japanese Studies or a writer/journalist in the media industry. He looks forward to opportunities of working and residing in Japan.

Connecting with Me

If you have any suggestions, tips, queries, pls send your emails to me through the contact form. Alternatively you can contact me through my Facebook Page.

I always enjoy reading all the emails sent to me by my readers, regardless of whether they are compliments and suggestions or just hate mails. And even though I might be slow in replying them, I will always make an effort to reply to them. If you dont get an answer, please resend mail again after 2 weeks.

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