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Attack on Titan Live-Action Movie Coming in 2015

Attack on Titan Live-Action Movie Coming in 2015

The live-action “Attack on Titan” movie has been firmed up with details on the production team and a Japanese premier due for 2015.

SFX Higuchi Shinji will oversee the movie that will start filming in Summer 2014, while the script is being written by the series original mangaka Isayama Hajime, and Watanabe Yuusuke who had worked on other movies such as Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, 20th Century Boys, and Gatchaman.

The movie is still recruiting the cast, and it would be interesting to see who is being casted as the main characters soon ^w^

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  • Sabekuji Kaneda

    This won’t be good if they don’t cast foreign actors. Only Mikasa can be played by an Japanese actress. The rest would just look silly.

    • takeuout

      why do people like you say things like that??? have you even watched the show? everyone looks like there from america or Europe not a single Asian among them…. Jesus….

      • Me

        There is only one Asian! And that’s Mikasa! Even if she’s only half. She takes after her mother who was Aisian!

      • meeeeee

        that is seriously what he just said, reread the post.

    • Elianny Rodriguez

      I agree!!! They should do their best to get actors/actresses who look similar to their characters!

  • Zachary L

    I can’t even begin to describe how similar my life has been to that of Erren Jaeger… It would be my dream but I don’t know how to make it work.

    • Franklin

      Maybe you could genetically create a real-life army of Titans and turn them on yourself?

  • Elianny Rodriguez


  • Albert Macias


  • Albert Macias