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Today’s Japan Photo: Sendai Mediatheque

Today’s Japan Photo: Sendai Mediatheque

For Today’s Japan Photo, we will be visiting this very futuristic glass architecture, the Sendai Mediatheque in Miyagi Prefecture.

This building is actually a library and multi-purpose centre that is designed by Toyo Ito, one of the world’s most influential designers.

Thirteen steel-ribbed shafts soar from the basement through seven floors to the open rooftop. Not only do these columns provide the necessary foundations and stability for the building but they also act as light wells, with devices positioned on the roof to reflect sunlight into the building. They are also vertical connectors for network cables and all of the building’s wiring. The two floors below ground, meanwhile, feature additional high tech mechanisms to absorb any potential seismic energy should an earthquake hit.

Image Credit: Tsuyoshi Kato flickr

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