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Kyan Chiaki 喜屋武ちあき

Kyan Chiaki 喜屋武ちあき

For this weekend gravure feature on the first week of August, we will be featuring the lovely Kyan Chiaki 喜屋武ちあき, a gravure model and idol singer under FITONE and Girl’s Record Visual agencies. She is a member of the groups Fudanjuku, where she is known as Bukiya Momotarou, and Nakano Fujo Sisters (hiatus), where she is known as Kyanchi. Kyan has also appeared in some dramas in various minor roles.

Name: 喜屋武ちあき
Birthday: 13 March 1984
Height: 158cm
3 Sizes: B90/W58cm/H86cm
Blood Type: A

Blog: http://ameblo.jp/kyan-chi/

Gallery Link: http://minus.com/mSelfAYYLV1gb/

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