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Attack on Titan Cosplayers Goes Bungee Jumping

Attack on Titan Cosplayers Goes Bungee Jumping

Nowadays cosplayers will go all out just for the perfect shot. Just like this bunch of Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin cosplayers, who went bungee jumping so they could display the awesome flight motion when using their 3D manoeuvre gears.

Image Credit: 深澤翠 オフィシャルブログ

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  • Alexandre Tassé Venne

    That’s pretty epic!!

  • Sabekuji Kaneda

    Cosplaying done right

  • http://alafista.com/ Alafista

    This like the highest commitment required from a cosplayer. What if he/she is like super afraid of heights XD

  • Ayden Gotzmer

    I think it’s more like, “Experience” than “Display”

  • I will hate-marry myself

    I am totally gonna do this!!