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1/8 Konoe Subaru PVC [FREEing Ver.]

1/8 Konoe Subaru PVC [FREEing Ver.]

FREEing has commenced preorder for the lovely  Konoe Subaru, who works as as Kanade Suzutsuki’s butler in the anime series Mayo Chiki! (まよチキ!).

She is posed wearing her school uniform which is slowly slipping off at the shoulder, with one leg stretched out in front of her while sitting down. It’s a different side to Subaru that you normally don’t get to see behind her butler’s uniform, and gives her a chance to show off her body’s lovely curves! She is looking as cute as ever with upturned eyes and an embarrassed expression, ready to keep you company after a busy day.

She is scheduled for release in Jun 2013 and will be retailing for around 7,800 yen. Interested folks can place your preorders with Hobby SearchCDJapan or Hobby Link Japan.

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