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Kurita Emi×Konno Anna 栗田恵美×今野杏南

Kurita Emi×Konno Anna 栗田恵美×今野杏南

Its the holiday season, hence instead of featuring just one weekend gravure idol, we have a double treat featuring Kurita Emi 栗田恵美 and Konno Anna 今野杏南.

Name: 今野杏南
Birthday: 15 Jun 1989
Height: 156
3 Sizes: B86/W59/H83
Blood Type: A
Blog: http://ameblo.jp/ab-anna06/

Name: 栗田恵美
Birthday: 14 Jun 1994
Height: 162
3 Sizes: B78/W56/H82
Blood Type: O
Blog: http://ameblo.jp/kurita–emi/

Gallery Link: http://minus.com/mFOgyYSHguXAJ/

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