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Mizuki Nana “Lovely Fruit” PV

King Records released the music video for Mizuki Nana’s “Lovely Fruit”, which is one of the new song included in her latest 9th album “ROCKBOUND NEIGHBOURS“. The album is scheduled for release on 12 Dec 2012, and it commemorates her 12th anniversary singing career. The limited edition version of the album includes the special live “Mizuki Nana Heian Jingu Hounou Kouen”.

“Lovely Fruit” is being featured as the 6th ending theme for the anime series Toriko, where Mizuki Nana voices Tina, the reporter that hosts the program “Gourmet News”.

Mizuki Nana "Lovely Fruit" PV

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  • http://gravatar.com/blacksun88 blacksun88

    it is fun to see Nana Mizuki-sama to be so mischievous and lively!