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EOY 2012 Looks to be Best Ever Year-End Closure

While many of us are still suffering from post-AFA syndrome, there is still another large scale anime & cosplay event that many would look forward to participating – EOY.

EOY 2012 looks to be provide a really great closure to 2012, providing an awesome free venue for everyone to roam around during their Cosplay Festival, and inviting a trio of great guests performers for the EOY JPop Live! 2012.

The Cosplay Festival would be taking place at Marina Barrage on 9 Dec 2012, which means a large venue where cosplayers can roam freely. EOY’s cosplay event segment will take off in a new direction this year. In addition, the organisers have created a special MMORPG theme where participants can partake in various “quests”, interact with cute meido “NPCs”, etc.

Another awesome segment of EOY 2012 is the J-POP LIVE!, where Sayuri Sugawara, Haruna Luna and Danceroid would be performing at the Esplanade Concert Hall on 11 Dec 2012.

Sayuri Sugawara is well-known for performing “Kimi ga Iru Kara (Because You’re Here)”, the theme song of Final Fantasy XIII. She has just released a new single in March and will release her second album in November.

Haruna Luna has recently been popular with anime fans with her awesome performances of “Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau” (空は高く風は歌う)” which was featured as the ending theme for the second season of Fate/Zero, and more recently “Overfly” which is the ending theme for the second season of Sword Art Online. If you wouldn’t want to miss her performing these 2 awesome songs, then you wouldn’t want to miss her first concert in Singapore ^^

Danceroid is a renowned dance group consisting of three net idols.These spunky girls have made a name for themselves on Nico Douga after uploading videos of themselves dancing skilfully to famous Japanese pop tunes. Danceroid has performed at EOY 2010 and the organisers have brought them back following popular demands from fans.

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