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Fans Vote Most Let-down Anime Series in First Half of 2012

Is there any anime series that you had particularly looked forward, and yet when it aired, you were disappointed at the quality of the anime or the storyline? Biglobe polled over 4,000 anime fans to find out which anime series had been disappointing in the first half of 2012.

Natsuiro Kiseki (夏色キセキ), which featured the members of seiyuu group Sphere were voted most disappointing. Followed by AKB0048 and Nisemonogatari. And here are the top 10 list of most disappointing series:

  1. Natsuiro Kiseki (夏色キセキ)
  2. AKB0048
  3. Nisemonogatari (偽物語)
  4. Hyouka (氷菓)
  5. Accel World (アクセル・ワールド)
  6. New Prince of Tennis (新テニスの王子様)
  7. Fate/Zero 2nd Season
  8. Aquarion Evol (アクエリオンEVOL)
  9. Gundam Seed HD Remaster
  10. Haiyore! Nyaruko-san (這いよれ!ニャル子さん)

Personally I thought the list seemed rather strange since I thought a couple of series, including Nisemonogatari, Accel World and Fate/Zero were pretty good.

But what about you? Is there any particular series that let you down?

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  • Sabekuji Kaneda

    Hyouka is definitely a let down for me. Good quality but boring story. I still watch it though.

    Natsuiro Kiseki is so-so for me. Fate/Zero is one of my top for this season.

  • Hogart

    Mouretsu Pirates, maybe? I didn’t expect much from the others at all, and Fate/Zero’s been alright (never read the novels, though, so maybe I don’t qualify as enough of a fan to be disappointed). But Pirates has slowly become lamer and lamer, after getting my hopes up that it might do something genuinely interesting around the middle.

  • http://yaranakya.wordpress.com Cytrus

    The list only contains quite good anime, in fact. A testament to the fact that nobody cares enough about actual crap to be disappointed about it. You just drop, forget and get over it.

  • Lugia

    Well, I did think Natsuiro Kiseki is kinda boring. I too enjoyed F/Z this season so not sure what’s so disappointing about it.

  • Zyph

    Really? I think Hyouka was really interesting. I like these kinds of anime :)
    And I really enjoyed Accel World, Natsuiro, and SEED Remaster (Classics doesn’t get old especially HD remakes lol).
    I enjoyed Aquarion Evol on the first half of the season…then it gets kinda boring.

    • Sabekuji Kaneda

      How can you get bored from Fudo’s DONUTS!?

  • Louie

    I’m surprised about Accel World and Nisemontagari…. They were the stand outs for me that were actually good. I am disappointed about Gundam Seed HD… I really couldn’t see any differences ><

  • Blacksun88

    change the title to “favourite series of the season” and you will get almost the same list