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Anime Festival Asia Malaysia Quick Run Through

Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012 held its press conference today and along comes tons of updates on the event. For a start, the event will be held at Putra World Trade Centre on 09 & 10 Jun 2012, so do remember to mark those dates down on your calendar.

Ticketing Details

  • 1 Day Festival Pass: RM$15
  • 1 Day Festival + Stage Pass: RM$30
  • 1 Day Free Standing Concert Ticket: RM$88
  • 2 Days Free Standing Concert Ticket: RM$148
  • 1 Day VIP Seating Ticket: RM$168
  • 3 Days VIP SeatingTicket: RM$308

*All concert ticket categories include access to the stage and festival grounds. More details of the ticketing will be released soon.


Details of the performing artist have been confirmed:

  • Kalafina
  • FLOW
  • Maon Kurosaki
  • Sea☆A

Special Invited Guests

  • KANAME☆ - Celebrity Cosplayer who is also the Cosplay Ambassador for Anime Festival Asia, gracing AFA09, AFAX and AFA11.
  • Mitsuhisa Ishikawa - President, Production IG. Notable works include “GHOST IN THE SHELL”, “Innocence (イノセンス)” and “BLOOD THE LAST VAMPIRE”.
  • Danny Choo – Star blogger of Japanese pop-culture, hosts Culture Japan program and has been hosting AFA as well.

Other Experience Zones

  • Ultraman Live Zone where there will be a Live Show featuring Ultraman Mebius
  • Moekana Zone - Moekana is a set of cards created by DannyChoo that helps to teach the basic Japanese syllables and hiragana. There would be a special Moekana competition.

Moe Moe Kyun Meido Café and Atelier Royale Butler Café

  • New butlers and meidos added to the café, of course there will be familiar faces as well

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  • Blacksun88

    Kotoko and kalafina! shall i rush back to malaysia for this one?