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Today’s Japan Photo: The Asahi Flame (Golden Turd)

For Today’s Japan Photo, we will be taking a looking at the famous Tokyo landmark Asahi Flame, otherwise known as the “Golden Turd” by some.

It is the golden portion that is place on top of the The Asahi Beer Hall (a.k.a. Super Dry Hall, or Flamme d’Or), which is the Asahi Breweries headquarters located in Sumida, Tokyo, Japan. The shape of the building is that of a beer glass, designed to complement the neighboring golden beer mug-shaped building housing the Asahi Breweries offices.

The building was designed by French designer Philippe Starck and was completed in 1989. It is considered one of Tokyo’s most recognizable modern structures. The Asahi Flame is often colloquially referred to as “the golden turd” (kin no unko, 金のうんこ) and the Asahi Beer Hall itself as “poo building” (unko-biru, うんこビル) by many Tokyo residents.

Image Credit: M_Strasser

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