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Schick x Evangelion: Gendou Gets A Clean Shave

Evangelion has collaborated with Schick Japan for an upcoming campaign to promote their razors and a clean shave. It feels rather weird to see him without his beard.

The campaign website has a countdown timer that will be officially unveiled on 25 Apr with an interesting teaser line “Until Gendo Ikari makes up his mind to do something.” I wonder if there will be some special Evangelion razor that comes with a special A.T. Field to protect your face when you shave ^^

Thanks to reader Duke Of Yashima for submitting this tip ^^

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  • http://saoblog.laventanadesaouri.com/ Saouri

    He is soooo happy shaving his beard that is… mmm… suspicious ¬¬

  • Sabekuji Kaneda

    I’ve been shaving for years but I still haven’t been surrounded by Japanese high school girls!

  • http://www.boyfriendofsteel.com Duke of Yashima

    You’re the man, Gendo!