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Seiyuu Aizawa Mai Singing Debut Announced

It has been announced that seiyuu Aizawa Mai 相沢舞, who is noted for voicing Naganohara Mio (長野原 みお) in Nichijou (日常) and Uryu Minene (雨流 みねね) in Mirai Nikki (未来日記) will be making her singing debut.

Her debut song “Kimi ni Todoke (キミニトドケ)”  is written and composed by “fu_mou”, who has worked on remixes of many songs including “Tell Your World” where his remix can be found on Track 8 of the EP. The single cover was illustrated by Keiichi Arai, whom is the creator of the Nichijou manga series.

Source: Barks.jp

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