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Mirai Nikki Anime Series Announces “Next Project”

The final episode of Mirai Nikki (未来日記) just aired and the ending screen announced the “Next Project Begins”.

While no details has been revealed, it is expected that the major announcement would be unveiled at the upcoming “Mirai Nikki The Live World” scheduled on 29 Jul 2012.

Source: オタク.com|オタコム

For those who had watched the series, how do you find it? Would you recommend watching it?

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  • MizuhoChan

    I enjoyed it. I’m a couple weeks behind, but it’s gotten a bit weird and meh in the later episodes.

  • Lugia

    Mirai Nikki, y u no give the show a proper ending?

    But yeah, I’ve heard people who read the manga weren’t very content with the series? I find myself looking forward to the next episode every week though, despite how at times it felt like they totally threw out too much info from the original. I wonder if they’re going to make an OVA to finish that last bit of the series 8/