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Today’s Japan Photo: Missiles Deployment

We take a more serious note for Today’s Japan Photo as we see members of the Japanese Self-Defence Force deploying missiles batteries carry patriot missiles as Japan prepares itself for the planned North Korean rocket launch this month.

North Korea had earlier announced that it will launch a satellite for peaceful scientific research sometime this week to mark the 100th anniversary on April 15 of the birth of founding leader Kim Il-Sung. The Japanese Prime Minister has already given the green light to shoot down the North Korean rocket if it threatens Japan’s territory.

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  • Sabekuji Kaneda

    The launch was a failure. Just minutes after take-off the rocket plummeted to the Yellow Sea (West Sea for Korea). This launch was never a threat to begin with if we base it on NoKor’s past rocket launches which all ended in failure. These precautions are just to make the public feel safe. In reality, even the US military said that the chances of shooting that rocket down are slim and that the chances are greater if it just disintegrated which is exactly what happened.