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J.C. Staff to Produce “Little Busters!” Anime Series

Many fans were excited over the announcement of “Little Busters!” being adapted into an anime series, and the following weeks has been speculation as to which animation studio would undertake this awesome project.

Well it has been confirmed in Dengeki Visual Arts magazine that Studio J.C. Staff will produce the anime. The series will be directed by Yamakawa Yoshiki, who recently directed “Kill Me Baby (キルミーベイベー)”, while the character designs will be done by Iizuka Haruko who also worked on Inu X Boku SS and Tamayura – Hitotose.

Based on what I’ve read online, it seems that fans are disappointed that the series will not be produced by Kyoto Animation but J.C. Staff. So what are you views? Are you excited about the prospects of this anime adaptation?

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  • Lugia

    Highly disappointed. In my opinion, I don’t think JC Staff handles story/plot well so I am worried they will not create the atmosphere that Key titles always have.

    Also have not fully enjoyed a good show by JC Staff recently. The last ones I remember probably goes back to 2009 with Toradora and Hatsukoi Limited (HL happens to be by the same director, but Kill Me Baby kind of destroyed me, so there’s some mixed opinions there…)

    Well. Just going to hope that Key picked the right choice to let JC Staff have this project.

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  • Blacksun88

    kyoani is the best, but JC staff produced some good anime too, occassionally…

  • http://www.facebook.com/ShakuganNoShanaSeason4 Ichigo94

    J.C.STAFF….Orewa Shana Daisuki……
    i felt sad and empty when Shakugan no Shana already(felt like lost a good friend)…….eventhough its a good ending…..
    what make me sad was….i dont watch the anime when its still ongoing……
    it make me felt not part of the anime(crying)…….
    i will not forces J.C.Staff to make season 4 of Shakugan no Shana…..but as Shana fans(no but friends)……i begging you to make season 4…..
    More things should be shown…..new evil…new characters…new plot….Xanadu…..and Shana and Yuuji life……..hmmmm…
    i am not a GREAT TALKERS….but im begging J.C.Staff deep from my heart………
    ONEGAI SHIMAS……SEASON 4 of Shakugan no Shana…….please……
    i believe SHAKUGAN NO SHANA will RETURN………