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Little Busters! Anime Adaptation Announced

During the 34th episode of ASCII Media Works’ web radio program, a commercial announced that Key’s visual novel “Little Busters! (リトルバスターズ!)” will be adapted into an anime series.

Those interested to hear the commercial can skip to the 49:46 mark.

Source: オタク.com|オタコム

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  • Lugia

    FINALLYYY~~~ yessss! :D So hyped!

    • http://url Kazuki

      After so many years, i thought an anime adaptation was never coming out for this VN. Guess i was wrong =x

      • Lugia

        I was hoping every season to hear news of it because it would be too cruel to be the only one left out of the anime world. My prayers have been answered!

        Now to pray it’s not Toei doing it….

  • Blacksun88

    kyo ani please :D

    • Lugia

      I’d be really disappointed if it’s not!