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Konno Anna 今野杏南

For this weekend gravure idol, we will look at the gorgeous photo shoot of Konno Anna 今野杏南, an idol that is born in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Name: 今野杏南 (こんの あんな)
Birthday: 15 Jun 1989
Height: 156
3 Sizes: B86/W59/H83
Blood Type: A

Blog: http://ameblo.jp/ab-anna06/

Gallery Link: http://minus.com/mU2nTa32/1g

I’m trying out this new sharing site Minus, so do provide your feedback.

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  • ShouTakuya

    I like her in so many way~

    also, I like the new Minus. I can select the image I want and then download it each. Much easy to look at the entire gallery than downloading the whole .rar