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Gintama Anime Next Episode Undecided As Season Ends

Next week’s Gintama episode is shrouded in mystery because the preview trailer has the large words “未定 (undecided)” imprinted. In addition, checking TV Hokkaido schedule reveals that the series will be ending its run on 26 Mar 2012 and it will be replaced by a new anime series Gon.

Source: オタク.com|オタコム and Moetron

The end of Gintama comes at quite a surprise and I would be interested to find out how the season finale would be like.

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  • http://www.mangatherapy.com Tony Yao

    Wow, it looks like they are teasing the “Kintama” storyline too with this next episode. It could lead to another hiatus since that is a long story.

  • michelle

    I cant believe this is happening! Ive watched Gintima for so long and I love every episode! Im deeply saddened. I will really miss Gintima