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New Site Banner

After updating the site layout I had promised to provide a new site banner so that everything doesn’t look so plain. After working on it for a long time, it is finally up and I hope everyone likes it.

The banner was created by the talented reader and designer Maha whom I had worked with for the site mascot Akari, and a few more upcoming design projects. We were inspired by an earlier banner design that was seen on DannyChoo and we decided to give it a twist, where the site mascot Akari is “transformed” into Godzilla. Of course, the rest of the key highlights in the banner are the popular landmarks in Japan. You might want to test your knowledge and see how landmarks can you identify? ^^

At the same time, I’ve decided to update the site tagline to “Connecting you to Cool Japan” to better reflect the expanding breadth of content that I share on this site. Apart from the cool popular culture (otaku and idols), there are many other cool aspects of Japan such as the architecture, traditions, culture and yummy food. This video of “Is Japan Cool” by ANA pretty much sums up what I hope to share with everyone.


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  • Maha

    It’s a pleasure and honor to be working with you!
    Great video, I think it lines up great with the site :)

  • Blacksun88

    i am glad that gundam statue made it there :D