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Guess Who Are the Seiyuus Featured in Flying Dog Barking Campaign

Are you one of those otaku that have watched so much anime that you can immediately pick out who are the seiyuus voicing the characters? Then you might want to challenge yourself with this interesting ongoing campaign launched by Victor Entertainment’s anime music label Flying Dog.

Flying Dog has promised 100 goodies packs with T-shirts and Tote bags for those that can accurately guess all the identities of the  17 male and female seiyuus featured in the video. The correct answers would have to be submitted by 31 Mar 2012.

The  has been airing commercials in which its logo appears with several dozen voice actors and actresses barking. Flying Dog is now running a campaign in which 100 people can win Flying Dog t-shirts and tote bags if they can guess the identities of the 17 barking voice actors and actress in this video. People have until March 31 to submit their guesses, and Victor Entertainment will select 100 lucky winners.

Source: 声優速報

So how many seiyuus are you able to identify? All I can manage is the first voice (Fukuyama Jun) and the third (Konishi Katsuyuki).

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  • Blacksun88

    too hard to guess like this la =.=

  • meguaso

    This is hard, I only can identify Jun Fukuyama. The others no idea.

  • xyshtoph

    I think that the third one is Tomokazu Seki. As for the rest, pictures of some anime characters do pop up in my head but I don’t know many names of seiyuu. Otaku won’t have much problem with it though.. unless the last one is a troll and a real dog instead. :D