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Rice Company Launches Moe Rice Series

Over the past years, we have seen quite a few different brands of Moe Rice (e.g. Touhou Moe Rice & Moe Minori Rice) and now a rice company in Osaka has announced that they will be launched a new series of Moe Rice (萌米) that is aimed at helping Japanese people rediscover the love for eating tasty rice.

This series of rice will feature lovely packaging that is drawn by visual novels illustrators, and the design will change every month. Inside each bag will include a special code that lets customers download messages from the seiyuu voicing these moe rice mascots. In addition, the company also aims feature rice from different regions of Japan every three months.

The first series of Moe Rice features the “Kinumusume きぬむすめ” rice from Okayama Prefecture, and the packaging will be illustrated by Ginta from Chuablesoft.

Source: オタク.com|オタコム

So how many of you folks are prepared to pay 2,780 yen (approx US$35) to enjoy a pack of moe rice every month?

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  • http://url Sabekuji Kaneda

    $35 for a pack of rice? I could get two SACKS of rice for that same price here that can last for months!

    • Blacksun88

      lol nice tsukkomi