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Producer Nagoshi Toshihiro Promoted to Sega’s Chief Creative Officer

Famitsu reports that game producer Nagoshi Toshihiro, the mastermind behind the multi-million dollar franchise Ryu ga Gotoku (龍が如く), has been promoted to the position of Sega’s Chief Creative Officer. This is part of the corporate restructuring that is taking place at Sega Sammy Holdings Inc, where there will be a new President and Chief Operating Officer to take over the current one who is retiring on 1 Apr 2012.

The story behind Nagoshi is rather interesting as I previously discovered on Kotaku. He graduated with a film degree due to failing film industry then, the only way out was for him to become an assistant director for TV or a porno director. However because he was so inspired by the Famicom games that he played while he was young, he chose to become a game producer instead. And since then, he has produced countless classic game franchises (e.g. Super Monkey Ball, Datona USA, and Virtua Striker, etc).

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