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Rumors: PS4 To Be Announced At E3 2012?

Nintendo and Microsoft are due to announce their upcoming next-gen consoles and rumors have been flying that Sony is due to follow its competitors.

The rumor has been revived following the latest issue of UK gaming magazine PSM3, where it is siding with the bold claims made by MCV earlier that Sony will confirm the existence of the PS4 at E3 2012, which takes place in June.

Nintendo will attend E3 with Wii U, Microsoft will make a next-gen announcement, and Sony need more than Vita to convince the world they’re equipped for a new console era. Don’t hold your breath for hardware designs, but some proof that PS4 exists is vital to Sony’s success. Expect a name –Playstation 4, duh – at E3, with more at TGS.

Source: sillegamer via NG4

So what do you think are the chances of all three companies announcing their next generation consoles together at the E3 2012 show?

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  • Lugia

    Wow, and I don’t even have a PS3 yet @_@

    • Kazuki

      On the other hand, mine is untouched for a few months already

  • PrinceHeir

    too early don’t you say??