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Most Important Elements of Anime

There are so many different genres of anime series that cater to different kinds of fans. However, there are always some classic anime series that managed to attract everyone right from the first episode until the very end.

So what are the most important elements of anime that you tend to look out for when deciding whether to continue watching an anime? In a recent survey conducted by BigGlobe.jp, about 2,700 fans shared their views and ranked “Storyline” as the most important element in an anime series.

  1. Story ストーリー
  2. Character キャラクター
  3. Seiyuu 声優
  4. Art Style 絵柄
  5. Theme Songs and Soundtracks 主題歌、BGM
  6. Art Quality 作画
  7. Performance 演出
  8. Gags ギャグ
  9. Visuals 映像
  10. Moe 萌え
  11. Production Studio 制作会社
  12. Battle Scene バトル、対決
  13. Stage 舞台
  14. Production Staff スタッフ
  15. Movement 動き
  16. Romance 男女の恋愛
  17. Background 背景
  18. Airing Slot 放送される時間
  19. Fan Service お色気
  20. Critics Review 周りの評判

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  • http://flyingfullforceblog.wordpress.com/ Ji-L87

    Hm…some of those seem quite the same. For example “art quality” & “visuals”. Though, I do appreciate the fact that “art style” is a different category as well.

    My personal opinion is that, while “story” indeed might be important, I find that a good setting (“stage” here) and art style does more for me. In fact, I can enjoy the thinnest and dumbest of plots should my audiovisual preferences be properly satisfied. :p

    • http://www.alafista.com/ Alafista

      I’m a very visual person so if the character designs are not top notch, I would not put it on my immediate “to watch” list

  • http://www.boyfriendofsteel.com Duke of Yashima

    I find “Critics Review” as dead last sort of interesting. It means otaku deliberately watch something that they really don’t care what others think about it.

  • Di Gi Kazune

    Story? #1? Bullshit.

    If story was #1, then Crap-On wouldn’t be popular

  • Sabekuji Kaneda

    I too look at the storyline of an anime to judge if I should continue watching it or not. Sometimes, however, the anime has a poor storyline BUT exceeds in another trait like art style or BGM for example which makes me watch it. An example of an anime that I like but has poor or non-existent storyline is Nichijou. IMO anyone who is very strict with the kind of show they watch has is missing a lot of great shows.

  • PrinceHeir

    after watching the Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex series. we definitely need more anime’s like that.

    while Moe and cute characters are good, we need some variety and focus on story.

    we still have Hellsing Ultimate, Rebuild of Evangelion and others to keep as interesting, but what happens when those films are done???

    who will replace them in the near future???

    though they are works like Nisemongatari and mostly shaft to keep as interesting so it’s not all that bad.

    • http://flyingfullforceblog.wordpress.com/ Ji-L87

      “who will replace them in the near future???”

      I think we’re already at that problematic point, as I believe that neither Hellsing nor Evangelion has the same broad appeal of Ghost in the Shell: SAC. Or rather, yes, NGE is beloved by many and still the greatest money maker for GAINAX, but just as many love it, I know people who doesn’t like it at all. Myself included. I’m not trying to say anything bad about NGE, just that it’s a special show and not for everyone. I too love the style, overall design and Sadamoto Yoshiyuki’s artwork. But I don’t know of anyone that downright refuses to watch GitS. Even though it also tend to be more confusing than it has to be. (As in, airing story-unrelated filler episodes in the middle of it all).

      As far as I’ve understood it, many tv-series actually try to put emphasis on story, albeit with varying degree of success and the heavy focus on likeable moe-type characters is both out of necessity and demand. The fans like it. Or rather, enough fans like it. If we dig a bit further, merchandising has been an important part of the industry for what seems to be the longest time, but the actual content of both the anime productions and the merchandise has changed because the fans have changed. Over time, of course. No fan woke up one day and demanded a Mio-pillow cover and a matching bed sheet.

      To sum it up, I think that similar experiences like the series you mentioned are more probable to arrive in the shape of anime movies or possibly light novels. I know that OVAs are still around, but they seem to exist in order add extra material to already existing works, rather than bringing new original IPs to the table.

      Just don’t…take my word for all this rambling : )

      • http://www.alafista.com/ Alafista

        Probably the taste of each generation varies, hence those older classics like Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Akira and many series might not be in favor with today’s youth. Then again, I think anime watching is just like watching another other movies or television series – just watch what you like ^^

  • Blacksun88

    gags are not same with comedy right? for a series the genre may not be comedy but i appreciate if there is comedic moment slotted in. so where is my comedy ><

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