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Cosplayer Ushijima Banned from Taiwan Event for Revealing Too Much

Japanese cosplayer Ushijima Ii Niku is well-known for being her flashy cosplay and revealing outfits, which she sometimes even flashes her underpants. She just attended the FancyFrontier event at the National Taiwan University, where she had wore a lovely schoolgirl outfit minus the skirt. So in the end the organisers felt that she was revealing too much and banned her from the rest of the event.

Even though she was chased away from the event, she still expressed hopes via twitter of returning to Taiwan again to participate in future events.

Source: Kotaku and Image Credit: Ushijima’s tumblr (NSFW)

So what are you views on Ushijima’s action? Do you  think she shouldn’t have done such a thing when visiting a nation with a more conservative culture or would you want to extend an invitation for her to visit your country as well ^^

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  • http://url Sabekuji Kaneda

    If the event was open to everyone (even kids) then she shouldn’t have dressed like that. But then again since we are talking about an event hosted by a university I believe it’s still wrong for her to dress up like that (reputation of the school, etc). It might be ok for her to do that in Japan but one must always know and respect the values and culture of a foreign country one is visiting.

    inb4 FREEDOM AND LIBERTY. IMO there are proper places and time for things like this.

  • Sea

    That is a bit too much and if kids are attending …. if she kept her skirt one it won’t have been so bad

  • Laura

    Was she actually dressed as a character or just randomly wearing as few clothes as possible? There are skimpy costumes out there but wearing no skirt for no reason seems pointless to me! That’s just showing off your body, not your costuming skills or love of a particular character. Have those shots online, yeah, but not at an all-ages event!

  • Di Gi Kazune

    Double standards

  • PrinceHeir

    they should have put her in a section of a booth were only 18+ people can get in.

    still saw her cosplay, definitely some lovely stuff :P

  • Blacksun88

    double standard… then shall them ban those swimsuit as well? they are exactly the same thing