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Gundam Front Tokyo Theme Park

There are so many theme parks dedicated to popular Japanese pop icons and not one of theme is for Mobile Suit Gundam. Soon all that will change with the opening of a new Gundam theme park in Japan opening on 19 Apr 2012.

“Gundam Front Tokyo” is a small theme park that will open in Odaiba, located near the life-size Gundam statue that has been re-erected. There will be a free exhibition area that includes display of Gunpla and a shop for you to purchase them. In addition, there will be a paid area where visitors would need to pay a small fee to enter and see cool Gundam exhibits that are put on display.

Source: ITmedia

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  • http://url Sabekuji Kaneda

    It’s about time!

  • PrinceHeir

    looks amazing :)

  • Blacksun88

    must go!!