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Hello Kitty Custard Buns

CircleK Sunkus [サークルK・サンクス] chain of convenience stores in Japan has started selling these really kawaii Hello Kitty Buns that contain custard filling inside them. Not only does the bun has the adorable face of Hello Kitty, the bun even has a tiny pink bow on top. Each of them goes for 150 yen.

Source: ITmedia

At least on the outside this Hello Kitty bun definitely looks tastier than the Blue Slime Meatbuns.

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  • Lugia

    Haha, that’s what I thought too when I saw the image (that it looks tastier than the blue slime bun) xD

  • http://url Kazuki

    They should microwave this bun too to see the guro outcome.. just like what they did with the blue slime bun.

    • Lugia

      I think I would be a little horrified to see Hello Kitty being destroyed and burnt though :/