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Spring 2012 Anime Lineup

As we kick off the Winter 2011/2012 anime season last week, you might also be wondering what is in store for the Spring season.

Here’s a visual compilation of the upcoming anime series in Spring 2012. This is still the first cut so expect the chart to be filled up as more anime series are being announced.

At this moment, I’m most looking forward to catching the continuation of Fate/Zero and the upcoming AKB0048 “AKB48 themed anime”.

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  • http://url Sabekuji Kaneda

    Can’t wait for Fate/Zero, Sankarea and KoreZombie~

  • http://ru-anime.ru Nana

    I always read your site. I really like it. but when I read it through rss, images are deleted. Please fix it.

    • http://www.alafista.com/ Alafista

      Weird, everything seems to load fine on my Google reader

  • Lugia

    Hurrah~ More moe mahjong 8D