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Details Announced for Evangelion 3.0 & Evangeion 4.0

Studio Gainax has decided to ring in the New Year by announcing some new details for their Rebuild of Evangelion movie project. It has been confirmed that the upcoming third instalment will be titled “Evangelion 3.0 YOU CAN (NOT) REDO. This film is scheduled for release in Fall 2012.

In addition, the website for the FINAL movie is also up with an interesting messages that announces the finale will be out in 2013. Quite unexpected since the past few movies had been spaced about 2 years apart each.

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  • http://www.wolfheinrich.com Wolfheinrich

    Most interesting!

  • inferno0748

    more Asuka please. :D

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  • http://url nameDuke of Yashima

    3.0 and Final were supposed to be released together, so this is a surprise.

    They are really teasing “Space Pirate Asuka.” This upcoming film looks like it could really be cool!