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Oricon Reveals 2011 Artist Total Sales Ranking

We are nearing the end of the year and its time to read the report cards of all the artists. Considering that AKB48 managed to capture all the top five spots for this year’s top selling single, its hard to imagine anyone else that could win the title of top grossing group in terms of total sales.

Oricon totalled the sales from all CDs (singles & albums), DVDs and Blu-Ray and here are the top grossing artist for 2011:

  1. AKB48: 16,282 million yen
  2. Arashi (嵐): 15,369 million yen
  3. EXILE: 5,603 million yen
  4. KARA: 4,926 million yen
  5. SNSD (少女時代): 4,049 million yen

Its quite interesting that two female korean pop group has managed to capture the top charts as well. Based on the rankings, it seems like Japan still love their female pop band more than the boy bands.

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