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Shinkai Makoto Creates New Short for Taisei Corporation

Anime director Shinkai Makoto is well recognised for creating awesome animated features and he was recently commissioned by Taisei Corporation (a group that deals with building construction and civil engineering) to create a short featuring their company project of the Bosphorus tunnel.

The Bosphorus tunnel is an undersea rail tunnel under the Bosphorus strait in Turkey. In the short, you can see a young lady transiting from high school life and then becoming an engineer working on the tunnel project.


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  • http://url Duke of Yashima

    Shinkai does in 30 seconds what Goro Miyazaki couldn’t do in 90 minutes.

    • Blacksun88

      this was harsh…. although i admit Shinkai is a very promising anime director

  • http://url Sabekuji Kaneda

    As an engineering student, I approve of this! :D