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Live Action “Liar Game – Reborn -” Movie Trailer

“Liar Game – Reborn (ライアーゲーム -再生-)” is a new upcoming live-action movie adaptation from the Liar Game manga series. In the new film Matsuda Shota returns as the genius Akiyama and he is accompanied by a new female protagonist Yuu who is played by Tabe Mikako. Popular child actress Ashida Mana is also featured in the show as Alice, a member from the Liar Game Tournament (LGT) Office.

The movie is scheduled to be released in Japanese theatres on 3 Mar 2012. I’m quite used to seeing the pairing of Matsuda Shota and Erika Toda in the live-action Liar Game franchise, so I wonder if Tabe Mikako who starred in the recent Kimi ni Todoke (君に届け) film is able to inject new elements into the film.

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