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AKB48 Shinoda Mariko Joins Live-Action Ouran High School Host Club Movie

Back in Aug, I shared about the Live-Action Ouran High School Host Club Movie that is being planned for release on 17 Mar 2012, staring the same main cast of the drama series.

In a surprising announcement today, AKb48 member Shinoda Mariko will be making a special guest appearance in the movie, taking on the role of “Michelle” spoiled daughter from a wealthy family. To make it more interesting, her character is set as half-Singaporean and half-Japanese, which means that she has to speak English in some scenes.

Mariko-sama, as her fans call her, usually sports short hair in AKB48, but for her role in the movie she has to put on long hair extensions, which makes her seem much more girly and mature.

Source: Oricon

Really looking forward to catching the movie because I’m really curious how she would portrays her role as a “half-Singaporean”. She probably needs to speak Singlish instead of perfect colloquial English just to have that extra oomph as a Singaporean. Then again, rich folks in Singapore don’t speak Singlish anyway lol

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