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JKT48 (Jakarta48) Project Officially Announced

The popular AKB48 has spawned various sister group across Japan - SKE48, NMB48, HKT48 and SDN48. Following weeks of hearing fan’s speculation, the AKB48 official blog has confirmed that the JKT48 project, is currently auditioning girls for their first overseas sister group to be based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

According to the blog post, the project is currently auditioning for its 1st generation members and the final audition is expected to end around mid Oct 2011. If everything goes smoothly then the group could debut by the end of this year.

JKT48′s official site, twitter and facebook has already been setup and expect to see more details revealed soon.

If the project becomes sucessful, then hopefully someday we can get to see a similar idol group being formed in Singapore as well ^^


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  • http://blog.berribunz.com Dcal

    If there is a singapore version, it might be named “SIN48″ :D

  • http://mugenxgattai.wordpress.com/ ShouTakuya

    maybe someday there will be a PHP48 group

    I don’t want that >.<