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“I Love Anisong” Concert Confirmed Artistes

Fans of Anisong rejoice because for this year’s Anime Festival Asia 2011, there will be three straight days of concerts! The theme will be rock and everyone would be screaming until their voices go hoarse.

During today’s media preview of the Anime Festival Asia 2011, the organisers have confirmed the preliminary list of artistes that include May’N, Ichirou Mizuki, FLOW and LiSA. Past attendees of AFA would be familiar with Buchou (May’N nickname) and Aniki (Ichirou Mizuki’s nickname), so I will first talk about FLOW and LiSA.


Most anime otaku would be familiar with FLOW since they have sung many awesome theme songs for popular anime series, including “Colors” (OP for Code Geass), and “GO!!” and “RE:member” (Naruto). This year, they released a rocking cover of SIAM SHADE’s “1/3 の純情 な感” (ED for Rurouni Kenshin), following by their latest single release “Hey!!”.

If you think their songs sounds good on CD, then you should listen and see them perform live!! The band of five had visited Singapore earlier this year for the JPlex concert which I had attended and their performance were mind-blowing and full of energy. Hence, I’m really glad that they are returning to Singapore for AFA 2011, and I definitely would love to see them perform again.

Here’s a youtube clip of FLOW performing Re:member, one of my most favorite songs from them.


Fans of the anime series Angel Beats! would definitely be thrilled to know that LiSA, the singing voice of Yui, of the fictional band “Girls Dead Monster” will be performing live at I LOVE ANISONG.

Many of the singles and albums released under Girls Dead Monster garnered a lot of success on the Oricon charts. In the spring of 2011, LiSA released her own solo mini-album, ‘Letters to U”. In support of the album’s release, she toured Japan to perform to sell-out crowds nationwide.

Image Credit: ©Aniplex ©Sony Music Artistes. Inc.

Here’s a youtube clip of LiSA performing “Crow Song” at Animelo 2010. I hope she will perform that song at I LOVE ANISONG too!!


May’N is surely no stranger to Singapore. Not only this is the 4th year May’N is performing at AFA, she also recently held her solo concert and Screen Singapore movie debut here in June.

Buchou is definitely one of the top rising stars amongst anisong singers and I’m amazed that her vocals seemed to be getting better with each passing year. Her great vocals allows her to perform a wide range of music from pop rock, soul to R&B and grand ballad.

Image Credit: May’n

Personally I think “Iteza Kuji (射手座午後九時) Don’t Be Late” is one of her most brilliant songs:

Ichirou Mizuki

Few can be as charismatic on stage as Aniki when it comes to performing Anisongs on stage. Along with May’N, this is the 4th year that Ichirou Mizuki is returning to Singapore to perform.

With an amazing repertoire of more than 1,200 songs, its quite impossible for you to get bored of his songs. Last year, when he performed on stage with JAM PROJECT was the most amazing concert I’ve ever attended.

Image Credit: ©Ichirou Mizuki / yellow bird 

Definitely look forward to singing along to my favorite song “Mazinger Z”.

Meanwhile, the AFA 2011 organisers are still finalizing the full line-up and will share more closer to date. So expect more artistes to be perfoming at this year’s I LOVE ANISONG concert. I’m quite certain I will be gathering my friends to attend all three days of concert this year ^^

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    Lisa <3

    i hope she performing shine days & crow song, very energetic

  • Blacksun88

    ah this time i might be able to go ^^

  • Joo keng

    Pls advise whether the 3 days concert tickets been sold now?
    Where can i buy the tickets?

    • http://www.alafista.com/ Alafista

      The concert tickets have not started selling yet. Most likely it will be bought via online like previous years.

  • Mark

    JAM Project., aren’t you coming back to sg??? T_T

    • http://www.alafista.com/ Alafista

      I don’t think so because if I recall they would be touring around that date.