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One Piece Vol 63 Set Record with 2 Million Sold Within Four Days

Eiichiro Oda’s “One Piece” manga continues its strong sales record with the latest volume 63 passing the 2 million sales mark just within 4 days of its release. This amazing result outshine the performance by Vol 60 & Vol 61 which only managed to pass the 2 million mark after 1 week.

Source: Oricon and Mainichi Mantan

I think its quite undeniable at this point that One Piece is the most popular manga to date and it is shown by its own record-breaking sales record, which is the most massive since Oricon started tracking the weekly manga sales chart. Its just so cool that we happen to be living in this period where we get to read this amazing piece of work and we probably might get to tell our grandchildren about it ^^



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