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GoodSmile Company to Issue Refunds for Shipping Downgrade

Earlier many fans who preorder Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Support Ver. were disappointed over GSC announcement that the figure would be shipping via SAL instead of EMS. As expected from the actions of a reputable company, GSC has announced that they will be issuing refunds of 2,000 yen to all oversea orders.

According to the official apology statement from GSC:

All international orders were charged 2000 JP Yen for EMS delivery, but were sent via surface mail. We will be refunding the 2000 JP Yen shipping fee to all customers who placed an order for the figure from overseas. If you paid for your order with a credit card, we will be refunding the amount directly to the account linked to your card. If you paid using Paypal, we will be sending a 2000 JP Yen refund to your Paypal account. The refunds will start from the 11th August 2011 and should be complete within a few days.

I’m glad this little incident was resolved quickly by GSC. But I still understand that many folks would be affected or inconvenienced in some way or another. Hopefully this would not happen again for future preorder under the Cheerful Japan series.


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  • Dark

    Surface mail, not SAL – over 3x the wait time of SAL.

    SAL might even have been acceptable

  • Lugia

    Won’t it be sent via land/sea if it’s surface mail? I do believe SAL is a type of airmail.

    I actually won’t mind if they did SAL because it’s still reliable and it’s just two weeks or so slower than EMS (being in Canada, their postal service is so crap right now that EMS is taking nearly as long as SAL anyway).

    Three months though… THAT is a different story.

  • NoviceOtaku

    I’m not bothered about this at all. I purchased this figure because the money was going to a good cause. If it gets lost or damaged, I wont be complaining.

    • http://myanimelist.net/profile/LostGamer LostGamer

      Same here, wish I had read the notice sooner. I sent them an e-mail today stating that the refund wasn’t necessary for me especially if it would go for a good cause.

    • Lugia

      I wish I can say the same, but I doubt they would donate those extra shipping fee towards charity (since I’m certain surface mail is a lot cheaper compared to EMS) and it’s not like 100% of the figure price is donated either so in the end I AM purchasing something… only that this time it’s a product that is being promoted to aid Japan. Well, just personal opinions. xD