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Wall Photo of Eguchi Aimi Stolen from AKB48 Theatre

Even though Eguchi Aimi is just a virtual member of AKB48, there is a photo of her mounted on the walls of AKB48 theatre. Unfortunately, the official AKB48 blog has announced today that someone has stole the photo, and they are hoping that whoever who stole it to return it back to the theatre.

The wall mounted photo was stolen during the monthly sale of the “Nama-Shashin” and the management thought the fan is regretting his action and hopes whoever who did so would return the photo. Even though they could easily re-print the photo, the management emphasised that the theatre has a strong relationship with the fans and never had any of the wall-mounted photos been stolen before.

Source: AKB48 official blog

One possible reason why the fan stole the photo instead of any other members is because Eguchi Aimi is not a real person, hence he/she didn’t want the photo to be on the wall with the other members. But that’s just my conjecture ^^


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