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Japanese Town Aims to Construct Life-Sized Zaku Statue

Back in 2009, the Life-size Gundam RX-78 was constructed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam. Then some fans of the anime series antagonist (including myself) had lamented that absence of a life-sized Zaku statue. Now the Japanese town of Mibu has gathered a team of volunteers aimed at realising this dream of constructing a life-sized 18 meters tall Zaku statue to revitalize the town.

Located in Tochigi Prefecture north of Tokyo, the town of Mibu is known for its many factories for plastic models, and it is the current home of the Omocha no Machi Bandai Museum, which already houses a life-size RX-78-2 Gundam bust.

The team of volunteers had already consulted with the copyright holders and they had determined that it would cost several billion yen to design and make the life-size replica. The volunteers are hoping to achieve their dream by selling 1,000 limited edition cups of strawberry juice cocktail for 100 yen each on 16 Jul 2011.

Source: Yomiuri Online via ANN

Someone needs to tell that they need to sell way more cups of that cocktail to be able to even finance the head of a Zaku statue. Nonetheless its still an admirable dream and I do hope they will eventually be able to achieve it.


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  • Maha

    I do hope they build it, Zaku is so cute :3

  • Blacksun88

    ah, would be great if it come true, but they must looked seriously at copyright issue though