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Yahoo JP Most Popular Celebrity Search Terms Are AKB48 & Arashi

Yahoo! JP has announced Japan’s most popular keywords on their search engine in the first half of 2011. It comes with no surprise that Japanese folks were searching for AKB48 & Arashi, the two idol groups whom had also dominated the sales ranking charts.

Celebrity Search Ranking

  • AKB48
  • Arashi
  • Maeda Atsuko (AKB48)
  • Shoujo Jidai
  • KARA
  • Itano Tomomi (AKB48)
  • Oshima Yuko (AKB48)
  • Shinoda Mariko (AKB48)
  • Tohoshinki

In addition to the celebrity search ranking, AKB48 were also listed as #10 in the overall search ranking, and their dorama series Majisuka Gakuen was #2 in the TV series search ranking as well.

Source: Oricon


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