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Hyper Ping Pong: Table Tennis Without Opponent

There are many console games out that allows you to play table tennis with a virtual opponent, or you could just gather your friend for a real match of ping pong. However, this interesting new toy “Hyper Ping Pong” exhibited at the recent Japanese Toy Show allows someone who doesn’t have a television or any friends to still enjoy the game.

This is actually a motion sensor-equipped bat that plays using the rhythm of the player. You have to swing with accurate timing to keep the rally going and there is even a button on the bat to let you dish out a power swing using the points you accumulated. The Hyper Ping Pong kit will start selling in Japan this October for ¥2,000 ($25).

Source: Engadget

I can’t really understand why anyone would enjoy playing that alone instead of gathering at least another pal to play real table tennis. Then again, like one of the commenters in the youtube video mentioned “Its ping pong for the blind”. XD


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  • Blacksun88

    cant see the video though..