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Shooting Meido Café & Bar

If you ask me to name one gun wielding meido, the character that immediately comes to my mind is Roberta from the Lovelace Family in the anime series Black Lagoon. If you are looking for that kind intense action, you might try your luck at the Shooting Meido (シューティングめいど) Café & Bar in Akihabara.

Besides the kawaii meido-san, the first thing that catches your attention would be huge range of guns, rifles and submachine guns that are mounted on the walls and place on the tables.

They even have they guns in kawaii pink (probably for the ladies) XD

Source: Akibamap

That is probably one meido café you wouldn’t want to be messing around too much. Otherwise they might just pull out a real gun and start shooting like Roberta.



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  • Sabekuji Kaneda

    Now THIS is my kind of meido cafe!

  • yasuragi

    I always thought it would be embarassing going to a meido cafe, but not this one^^

  • http://www.freebinta.com jonhohx

    oh yeh!!!! ill b visiting this one next month…for sure. Thank you for this

  • Blacksun88

    that pinky ak47 caught my attention XDD